I took a new role which is out of my comfort zone. And I have also read 5 really good books in the past 5 months that helped me get a very good perspective on life in general. I also gained insights into my personality, individuality and work styles. Here are some of the things I realized about myself in the past 2 months.

  1. I don’t work! I solve problems, come up with brilliant ideas and ask the right questions. I dealt with myself wrong all these years. When ever I pushed myself to ‘work’, it doesn’t work! I cannot just force myself to work. If I spend time defining a problem in my mind, I automatically spend enough time in solving it.
  2. Thinking drives my action. I need to first think clearly about something. Only after I have given something enough thought can I act on it. My best does not come when I have not spent enough time thinking.
  3. Patience is my strength and I can beat most people in it.
  4. I am more creative when I work by myself. I suck at collaboration. When collaborating, I just let other people do the talking.
  5. Meetings suck the life out of me(and most other people). Preparation is the key to having productive meetings at work. I suck at meetings if I am unprepared.
  6. I don’t enjoy big groups (unless there is good humor flowing around). I am more comfortable in small groups. I like to connect with people one-on-one and have meaningful conversations
  7. I can concentrate really well when the problem or task is clearly defined. Ill-defined phrases like ‘hard work’ do not make sense to me.
  8. I am not a detail oriented person. But can spend hours discussing ideas.
  9. Humor is one of the things that keeps me going. It is indispensable for living a sane life!
  10. I don’t like to control people. And I don’t like it when people try to control me. This is not a new realization. But I understood it more clearly.
  11. I am an introvert. I realized it a few years ago, but over the past few weeks realized the significance and the impact on my work style more and more.
  1. Do not be in a rush. Savor.
  2. Want to learn a new tool/technology/musical instrument. I am going to start with 10 little things about it each day. In a few days you will begin to see the bigger picture.
  3. Have a game plan to learning (like what this list is trying to convey). Not a goal or task. When the goal of completing this 400 page book tonight is on my mind – it is overwhelming.
  4. Overwhelming yourself is a recipe for failure. It defeats the purpose of wanting to learn. If I am chill about it, I might actually complete those 400 pages 🙂
  5. Learning a little bit each day cements the ideas in the long term memory. And you will not hate it.
  6. Steve Wozniak said patience was his biggest strength in learning.
  7. As you know more and more concepts, the pace of your learning will pick up automatically. You will not need to push.
  8. Learning slowly can feel meditative. It can relax you.
  9. Ask questions. It gets you engaged.
  10. Try to predict what is coming up in the next few pages (or in the upcoming lecture. You get the point). This creates curiosity and prepares you to absorb the material.

There is a part of you
that never felt low
a part of you that
never gave up
that always reassured you
stronger than anything you know,
and infinite!


It will give you the strength
to do what it takes to be who you are,
to find your peace,
manifest your greatness,
and will guide you along –
to where you belong!

  1. Your strength lies in your preparation. Be prepared with your data if you expect challenging encounters!
  2. You may have your comfort zones but does not mean leadership roles are not for you. Introverts are suited to certain challenges more than the others.
  3. Sometimes the best reaction to bullies is no reaction at all. And you are good at it already. Just focus on the goal of the interaction.
  4. It is not wrong to choose a profession that suits your taste and involves working on your own. That is where your powers are put to best use.
  5. Connect with people one on one. It gives us a chance to know them and they get to know you are a genuinely good person.


I should try to be an extrovert! I should talk less. Work out more. Less movies. Relax!

We tell ourselves so many things. Nothing wrong. But the danger is in over-monitoring yourself, says an article I read the other day.

I don’t want to tell you whether to monitor yourselves or not. No preaching. Just want to list few things I want to cut out in my life.

I don’t want to cut out things I enjoy doing. Absolutely not. I don’t want to cut out things that are good for me, make me healthy, smart or a better person. What I want to cut out is the crap!

  1. No boring meetings. If it is boring then mostly you don’t care about it.
  2. Do not go on a trip to a place you have already been to and not particularly keen on seeing again. Sometimes we do that to please others. The time I get to travel is precious. Cannot waste it.
  3. Do not go to a party that you probably will probably not enjoy. If drinking until you puke is not your idea of partying, then don’t go to a party where that is the theme!
  4. Do not switch on TV to check whats on. Switch it on when you know what you want to watch.
  5. Not a big fan of fries, but ate it yesterday because it came with the entree! If you love the taste but its not healthy, I can still see value in it. If it is healthy but not tasty, I can understand why you are eating it. But if you are not particularly fond of it and it is not healthy – then run away from it! Sounds obvious, but think of what all you ate in the past week.
  6. Do not check Facebook impulsively. or Whatsap!
  7. No time for regret. This is the worst way to spend time!
  1. Solve problems
  2. Do one thing at a time. Do not multi-task
  3. Simplify. Ask – is this really necessary?
  4. Practice and get more skillful (at tasks, presentations, infographics etc)
  5. Work deliberately and not desperately. Do the work that you want to do and have pleasure doing. Or, make continuous progress towards the work you want to do, starting from the work you have to do.
  6. Sometimes you choose work and sometimes the work chooses you. Be grateful in both those situations
  7. Act on today’s emails today (within 24 hours). But not immediately!
  8. Try to create flow through work (Balance skill and challenge. And keep raising both of them)
  9. Get more effective (in getting things done) with each week of work
  10. Be more organized today compared to yesterday
  11. Do things your own way. That automatically puts your signature on everything you do.
  12. Let it flow, do not force yourself!

O God, give me the strength to switch off my mobile phone,

not check facebook every hour and ignore the stream of whatsap messages,

be able to stop after one potato chips packet and one episode on netflix,

not get drawn into over dramatized news items and fake reality shows …. 🙂