The Past Year

In the spirit of staying positive and recognizing our strengths and accomplishments -my achievements in the past 1 year (Jan 2016 to Jan 2017):

  1. I survived 1 year in an entirely new domain of work – PM in a new field
  2. Completed a machine learning online course
  3. Read one book on statistical learning that I really wanted to read
  4. Got comfortable with a new programming language – R
  5. Got started on another programming language – Python
  6. Completed another online course ‘Metrics for data driven companies’
  7. Did this while travelling every other week
  8. Slowly learning to assert myself where necessary at work
  9. Completed a basic course in Yoga!
  10. Placed myself in a position where I know what I want to do next and how I will get there
  11. Optimized my online flight booking process to save money and get the most convenient flight (got a bit lucky as well)
  12. Completed reading ‘Quiet – the power of introverts in a world that cannot stop talking’
  13. Learnt how to do project finances
  14. Got started on Kaggle
  15. Understood the power of being positive and doing breathing exercises
  16. Learnt Agile methodology. Became a scrum master
  17. Moved 2 apartments (not an achievement but a record of the effort put in…huff!)
  18. Travelled in mainland Europe for the first time – this was a dream since 2007. Finally got to see Barcelona and Paris!

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