Monthly Archives: January 2017

Self help gurus do not solve your problems. Philosophers do not solve your problems. They only give you tools that solve problems. You need to understand them and find the right tool for your situation. And then the real hard thing is to actually use those tools to solve your problems.

Your relatives and friends wish the best for you(in general). But they also do not solve your problems. Because they cannot. They are not in your shoes.

The problems can be about career, health, finances or any other problem you face.

There is only one person who can solve your problems. Only one person who is uniquely positioned to solve your problems. If he/she does not pay attention to your problems, then there are no solutions to be found. No respite from the pain points will ever be found if that person does not act. That one and only person is you!

Self-help solves problems. Self help books do not!