Monthly Archives: September 2016

I solved a math problem. and I asked myself “are you sure?”. That question made me rethink and solve the problem in a different way. I arrived at the same answer. Now, I was sure! So went ahead and submitted the answer sheet.

I have a need to convince myself of something before I say something or put something on a document or a presentation. My guess is, that convincing myself is what makes the difference between sounding confident and not sounding confident when I present something.

Sticking to what we know, is a good strategy. And when we ask ourselves “are you sure?”, it might slow us down in learning new things and getting things done. But we progress slowly but surely. Overtime we would have build a better foundation for the knowledge in our brains. In other words, a more reliable database in the back of our minds 🙂

Want to list out a few things about learning and work that I am sure about:

  1. Progress in learning happens one concept or fact at a time. Work happens one small task at a time. Confidence is a side product of learning and doing things. Focus on learning
  2. Focus on your goal and ignore the rest of the things. If I am on a project which has a lot of political issues, focus on solving the problems and resolving the issues instead of getting tempted to settle personal scores. Do not get tempted to gossip or vent to other team members. Even when I want to get some work done(only involving me), it is very important to shut out distractions
  3. Take notes. Very important to capture the concepts we learned. And also record important details like decisions taken and actions assigned
  4. Create checklists. Have a checklist for tasks that you do on a regular basis. Most errors happen due to oversight. This is one way of automating things. Also, keep updating the checklists regularly