Learning Game Plan

  1. Do not be in a rush. Savor.
  2. Want to learn a new tool/technology/musical instrument. I am going to start with 10 little things about it each day. In a few days you will begin to see the bigger picture.
  3. Have a game plan to learning (like what this list is trying to convey). Not a goal or task. When the goal of completing this 400 page book tonight is on my mind – it is overwhelming.
  4. Overwhelming yourself is a recipe for failure. It defeats the purpose of wanting to learn. If I am chill about it, I might actually complete those 400 pages 🙂
  5. Learning a little bit each day cements the ideas in the long term memory. And you will not hate it.
  6. Steve Wozniak said patience was his biggest strength in learning.
  7. As you know more and more concepts, the pace of your learning will pick up automatically. You will not need to push.
  8. Learning slowly can feel meditative. It can relax you.
  9. Ask questions. It gets you engaged.
  10. Try to predict what is coming up in the next few pages (or in the upcoming lecture. You get the point). This creates curiosity and prepares you to absorb the material.

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