My themes at work

  1. Solve problems
  2. Do one thing at a time. Do not multi-task
  3. Simplify. Ask – is this really necessary?
  4. Practice and get more skillful (at tasks, presentations, infographics etc)
  5. Work deliberately and not desperately. Do the work that you want to do and have pleasure doing. Or, make continuous progress towards the work you want to do, starting from the work you have to do.
  6. Sometimes you choose work and sometimes the work chooses you. Be grateful in both those situations
  7. Act on today’s emails today (within 24 hours). But not immediately!
  8. Try to create flow through work (Balance skill and challenge. And keep raising both of them)
  9. Get more effective (in getting things done) with each week of work
  10. Be more organized today compared to yesterday
  11. Do things your own way. That automatically puts your signature on everything you do.
  12. Let it flow, do not force yourself!

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