Joe Pesci

Something has been troubling me these days. I dont know who to talk to. Decided I should pour myself out on this blog. Its about my meditation class.

I learned from people that meditation helps you manage stress and attain peace. I wanted to give it a shot. Found a non-profit organization that gives meditation classes for free and joined it. They seemed to be very nice people, honestly promoting meditation and teaching it well. Everything seemed perfect for my foray into meditation. The first few classes were excellent. And then something happened.

I was sitting still and and trying to observe my thoughts as the instructor suggested. The atmosphere was calm. There was peaceful music to aid the meditation process. Then I heard someone walk  across the room and sit in the empty spot next to me. I realized someone came late to the class and were trying to catch up with the rest of us. I continued mediation for few more minutes until the instructor asked me to open my eyes. Panic! My heart began pounding hard to cope with the shock when I opened my eyes.

Joe Pesci was sitting next to me. The ground under my feet started giving away. Everyone who has seen gangster movies like Casino, knows that you dont mess with Joe Pesci or that if he shows up in your life then there is going to be trouble. Did I rub some big shot on the wrong side? Is this the end of my normal life as I know it? There were a thousand thoughts that rushed to my mind.

I tried to control myself and take a few deep breaths. Then I looked at him more closely. It was not Joe pesci but someone who was looking so much like him. I regained control for the time being but meditation has never been the same again!

When ever I close my eyes to meditate, I start trembling. I keep looking back when walking on the road. Day to day pressures seemed more peaceful than meditation. What should I do? How can I find peace when someone in my meditation class looks like Joe Pesci?


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