Monthly Archives: January 2013

If you ever wondered if unconditional love ever existed or what it means look no further than the ardent fans of south Indian film stars.

Unconditional love by its very definition means accepting someone or something inspite of what they do or how they are. And we the fans fit that definition to perfection. We start admiring the hero when he is young, entertaining and charming. No matter how old the actor gets or however bad the movies are, we still accept, encourage and promote them.

The beautiful girls of this world who are looking for true love, have you realized where you will find it? We the south Indian movie buffs- we will start admiring you when you are young, nice and charming. And no matter how old and nagging you become, we will still love you!


The government in India cares about the people more than in any other countries. It wants to make sure the people dont get into bad habits. They have thought of a fool proof way of ensuring it.

Since movies are the only way people can get ‘spoilt’, they have made these statutary warnings mandatory. At the beginning of the movie they tell you alcohol consumption and smoking are injurious to health. Any scene that shows an actor drinking or smoking needs to have the warning written¬† at the bottom.

Whoa! What a brilliant idea! Now that we have ensured people wont drink or smoke anymore, I have a pestering doubt in my mind. Why dont we have any statutory warnings for scenes showing murders, violence and illegal activities ?